Can optical character recognition improve your business?

Riconoscimento ottico dei caratteri

How much time do you waste with data and documents in your business? How much information is lost and how many resources do you utilise in time-consuming activities?

With OCR (optical character recognition), your data and documents are transformed into valuable assets with very little effort. 

If until recently we spoke of a 2.0 company, today we can speak of the 4.0 version, thanks to achievements in the technological field. 

One of the most revolutionary solutions is certainly optical character recognition, which has innovated processes and made many companies more efficient. 

What is optical character recognition (OCR)?

Riconoscimento ottico dei caratteri

Data is critical to running a business. However, most organizations still struggle with manual labor to manage the collected data. Solutions that use OCR technologies are capable of extracting, manipulating and using data from multiple sources.

Document reading can be applied to any document that has predefined fields in any format. Examples of applications can be the reading of curriculum vitae, invoices, purchase orders, maintenance cards, the management of documentation for tenders, and tenders themselves. 

What can OCR do for your business? 

Here are some examples of how OCR software can improve the efficiency of your company: 

Simplify the work of HR

OCR technology allows you to read the CVs of candidates and extract professional experiences and skills acquired, regardless of the type of format in which they are sent. 

Accounting support  

With artificial intelligence, invoice processing is faster and the workflow is accelerated up to 40 times in comparison to entering the information contained in such documents manually. This implies saving time that can be used to carry out activities with greater added value for customers and candidates.

Speed ​​up document management 

OCR is an innovative solution for optical reading from paper forms. Manual data entry is often the bottleneck in form processing and document archiving. With OCR, you can use a reduced number of human resources, improving efficiency and performance, while also minimizing errors caused by staff fatigue. The result is reduced costs, improved speed, and more constant quality over time.

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